Dance lessons with a mission

We see it happen so often. People have learned ‘a figure’ somewhere and they can only dance that figure with the person they took the dance class with. In other words, they have learned a nice choreo and don’t really know the right techniques behind the figure itself.

We, on the other hand, teach you the correct techniques you need to lead every figure well and what you should do and not do as a woman to become a good follower.

Further more, we also give each dance figure in ‘digestible building blocks’ and we want to encourage you to get started creatively. This way you are able to always create your unique dance, instead of having to learn hundreds of figures by heart.

In short, it is our MISSION to REALLY teach you to dance, so that you can fully enjoy dancing and shine on that dance floor!

Dansles Salsa geven

Meet the team!

We are Bailando Latino… 5 driven dancers who teach daily with great passion and dedication and who you can find at various dance parties at home and abroad.

Sylvie danslerares Salsa


Sylvie transformed herself over the years from a prima ballerina to a Salsa & Kizomba star on the dance floor! With great fire and enthusiasm she shares her Salsa knowledge with you.

Her tips and tricks make us ladies ‘shine’!

Sylvie teaches our Salsa classes together with Pieter.

Dorian danslerares Kizomba


Dorian could dance rather than walk, so to speak, and has tons of experience in different dance styles after all these years.

Today, however, Dorian is keen on Kizomba. As soon as the school bell rings (she also teaches), she rushes to the next Kizomba party.

It goes without saying that Dorian gives the Kizomba lessons with us, together with Pieter.

Jill danslerares Bachata


Jill switched from passionate gymnast to the dance world. From novice Salsera to Kizombera, Zoukera and Bachatera. She did it all.

For years she was also constantly back at the various Salsa, Bachata & Kizomba parties. Today Jill teaches our Bachata dance classes together with Andreas.



Pieter is a dancer with more than 20 dance years of experience in various dance styles.

In 2017, he decided to pass on his skills and, above all, his passion and consequently he started teaching dance classes.

Pieter teaches with us the dance classes Salsa with Sylvie & Kizomba with Dorian.

Andreas dansleraar Bachata


Andreas is our Bachata dancer par excellence. This “hyperkinetic” breathes Bachata and this passion is expressed with great enthusiasm in his classes.

It goes without saying that Andreas is in charge of our Bachata classes, along with Jill.

Why Bailando Latino?

7 reasons why you should come and dance with us…

Dancing in an open, fun atmosphere

When you come to dance with us, first and foremost we want you to have fun. We are driven in our profession and we want you to do well, but FUN comes first! With us you can and certainly will laugh during the lessons.

Easily accessible in the heart of Lier

Our dance school is located in the city centre of Lier and is therefore very easily accessible. Moreover, there is no shortage of parking. There is a very cheap paid parking 100 meters from our dance school, but around the centre there are also several other parking facilities that are FREE after 7 pm. In other words, the ideal location.

No choreos, but really learning how to lead and follow

We know from experience that (more complex) figures are difficult to remember. That is why we teach in ‘building blocks’ that you can combine yourself. This makes you a much better dancer and in this way the ‘learning material’ is much easier to digest and to remember!

With or without a dance partner

With us it is not mandatory to come and dance with a dance partner. On the contrary, we promote to change partners during our dance lessons (not mandatory!). In this way you learn to lead or to follow much better.

Get a discount when you combine classes

If you take several dance lessons with us, you will receive a discount. If you follow 2 series of classes, you will receive the second series at -20% (eg 1 series of Salsa classes and 1 series of Bachata classes). If you follow 3 series of classes, you will receive the second series at -20% and the third series at -30%!

More than 30 years of experience!

Taking dance lessons at Bailando Latino means being taught by teachers with tons of dance experience. We are seasoned dancers who can be found weekly at various parties at home and abroad. Together we represent more than 30 years of dance experience!

We welcome you to our warm dance family!

Our big goal is to spread that awesome Latin dance vibe and we want you to be a part of it! Every month we organize a party to get to know each other even better and to dance and to practice. In addition, we also have our Facebook group in which our members meet up to dance at various other parties. Join the club!


What do our members say?

Peggy & Steven

Peggy & Steven

Bailando Latino is a dance school where you feel at home in a casual atmosphere. Here we have discovered again the passion of dancing and we are glad that we had the opportunity to get to know this great dance group. Highly recommended for those who love dancing.

Elke & Lieven

Elke & Lieven

Bailando Latino is for us, sharing relaxed dance moments in a casual atmosphere. Feeling the dance passion of your teachers and getting sucked into it. Growing at your own rhythm.

Miriam & Kenny

Miriam & Kenny

At Bailando Latino we were given the much needed basics followed by some more challenge. Playing with those movement-building blocks with much needed guidance for the follower too! Glad to be a part of this dance family!


Dancing at Bailando Latino is simply fun. Here it really feels like dancing among friends. Awesome!

Betty & Xavier

We have been taking lessons at Bailando Latino from day one. The lessons are fun and pleasant to follow and individual adjustments are made where necessary. Here you really learn how to dance!


Bailando Latino teaches with heart and soul. Technique and fun combined. Highly recommended!


At Bailando Latino I rediscovered the joy of dancing. Pieter, Dorian and Sylvie, passionate dance teachers with the occasional humor and craziness!

Life is better when you dance!

Do you feel like dancing with us?