Dance lessons Kizomba

Every Monday evening in Salle d’Eau,
Grote Markt 28, 2500 Lier

19.00: Starters (no experience yet)
20.00: Improvers (min. 10 lessons of experience)
21.00: Intermediates (min. 40 lessons of experience)

€100 pp for 1 lesson series of 10 lessons or €12 per lesson

More about Kizomba...

We give dance classes Kizomba Fusion. We start here from the traditional Kizomba, but in our higher levels we also cover various Urban Kiz moves and figures.

We want you to really learn to dance Kizomba. That is why we attach great importance to teaching you the proper techniques that will make you a good leader and a good follower.

Kizomba is probably technically spoken the most difficult dance in our range. Therefore, we also provide different levels of lessons so that everyone can progress step by step and learn at his or her pace.

When do the Kizomba lessons take place?

The Kizomba lessons take place on Monday evening.

19.00: Kizomba starters
20.00: Kizomba improvers
21.00: Kizomba intermediates

Which level do I need to follow?

Dansles Salsa


If you have not yet taken any or only a few Kizomba classes, you should join the Kizomba starters. In this series of lessons we will teach you the complete basics of Kizomba. We start from scratch.


If, on the other hand, you have already taken at least 1 starter class series (with us or elsewhere) of Kizomba, then Kizomba improvers is the logical next In this class series, we will continue on the basics and further supplement your “Kizomba arsenal” with various building blocks that Kizomba contains. This series of lessons forms the ideal bridge between starters and intermediates.

Dansles Kizomba


If you have already taken at least 40 Kizomba classes (with us or elsewhere), then you are probably ready for our Kizomba intermediates. In this class series we will continue to combine all our techniques and building blocks into more complex figures.

Do I need a dance partner?

It is not necessary to register with a regular dance partner. After all, we always have single men and single ladies in our dance classes.

Moreover, we also switch partners, so you end up dancing with everyone. However, switching partners is not mandatory.

How much do Kizomba lessons cost?


If you pay per lesson


For 1 series of lessons
(10 lessons)

= €10 per lesson


For 2 series of lessons

= €9 per lesson


For 3 series of lessons

= €8,33 per lesson

If you move to the next level (e.g. from starters to improvers), you can follow the previous level again @-50%!!!

What do our members say?

Peggy & Steven

Peggy & Steven

Bailando Latino is a dance school where you feel at home in a casual atmosphere. Here we have discovered again the passion of dancing and we are glad that we had the opportunity to get to know this great dance group. Highly recommended for those who love dancing.

Elke & Lieven

Elke & Lieven

Bailando Latino is for us, sharing relaxed dance moments in a casual atmosphere. Feeling the dance passion of your teachers and getting sucked into it. Growing at your own rhythm.

Miriam & Kenny

Miriam & Kenny

At Bailando Latino we were given the much needed basics followed by some more challenge. Playing with those movement-building blocks with much needed guidance for the follower too! Glad to be a part of this dance family!

Betty & Xavier

We have been taking lessons at Bailando Latino from day one. The lessons are fun and pleasant to follow and individual adjustments are made where necessary. Here you really learn how to dance!


Bailando Latino teaches with heart and soul. Technique and fun combined. Highly recommended!

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