Dance lessons Kizomba

Kizomba has been on the rise in recent years and we too have recently been bitten by the Kizomba bug. Therefore, Bailando Latino is the right place to learn to dance Kizomba.

Our style of Kizomba can best be described as ‘Kizomba Fusion’. We always start from the ‘traditional Kizomba’ with a good basic connection and the so-called ‘chest leading’, but as the lessons progress more and more ‘Urban Kiz’ elements and figures are taught.

In our Kizomba lessons, we attach great importance to the correct techniques of leading and following. Our goal is always that you don’t have to memorize ‘complete figures’, but that as a leader you understand what it takes to lead ‘the figure’ well, that you really know how to do that.

For the ladies, on the other hand, we want you to know what is expected of you to become good followers, instead of ‘taking the right steps’ because you know the figure by heart.

In short, we want you to really learn how to dance Kizomba, so that you can dance Kizomba with everyone (and not just with the people you took the class with).

Where and when do the Kizomba classes take place?

The Kizomba classes take place in Salle d’Eau (Grote Markt 28, 2500 Lier) and this always on Monday evening.

19.00: Kizomba starters
20.00: Kizomba improvers
21.00: Kizomba intermediates

Which series of Kizomba lessons should I follow?

Dansles Salsa


If you have not yet taken any or only a few Kizomba classes, it is best to join the ‘Kizomba starters’. In this series of lessons we will teach you the complete basics of Kizomba. We start from scratch.


On the other hand, if you have already followed at least 1 starters series of lessons (with us or elsewhere) Kizomba, then ‘Kizomba improvers’ is the logical next step. In this series of lessons we continue with the basics and we learn all the basic principles (building blocks) that Kizomba has to offer. This series of lessons forms the ideal bridge between starters and intermediates.

Dansles Kizomba


If you have already mastered the basic principles of Kizomba, then you are ready for ‘Kizomba intermediates’. In this series of lessons we will combine all our techniques and ‘building blocks’ into more complex figures and we will further expand your ‘Kizomba arsenal’.

Do I need a partner for my Kizomba dance lessons?

It is not mandatory to register with a fix dance partner, so don’t let that stop you if you don’t have one (yet). We will then try to find a partner for you.

By the way, we recommend that you regularly switch partners during our classes (although it is not mandatory). In this way you learn much better and faster how to lead and how to follow.

How much do Kizomba lessons cost?


Per single lesson


For 1 series of lessons
(10 lessons)

= €10 per lesson


For 2 series of lessons

= €9 per lesson


For 3 series of lessons

= €8,33 per lesson

If you move to the next level (e.g. from starters to improvers), you can follow the previous level again @-50%!!!

What do our members say?


Dancing at Bailando Latino is simply fun. Here it really feels like dancing among friends. Awesome!

Betty & Xavier

We have been taking lessons at Bailando Latino from day one. The lessons are fun and pleasant to follow and individual adjustments are made where necessary. Here you really learn how to dance!


Bailando Latino teaches with heart and soul. Technique and fun combined. Highly recommended!


At Bailando Latino I rediscovered the joy of dancing. Pieter, Dorian and Sylvie, passionate dance teachers with the occasional humor and craziness!

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