Dance lessons Salsa

Every Wednesday evening in Salle d’Eau, Grote Markt 28, 2500 Lier

19.00: Starters (no experience yet)
20.00: Improvers (min. 10 lessons of experience)
21.00: Intermediates (min. 40 lessons of experience)

€100 pp for 1 lesson series of 10 lessons or €12 per lesson

More about Salsa...

We give dance classes Salsa (LA style) for young and old(er) and for every level. So it doesn’t matter if you are 20 or 80 years old. Everybody is welcome with us!

We teach in different levels and in bite-sized, digestible building blocks. This allows everyone to learn and evolve at their pace.

Moreover, our dance classes are taught in an open and fun atmosphere. Laughter is allowed! We are serious about our profession, but FUN prevails. Always.

When do the salsa lessons take place?

Our Salsa lessons take place on Wednesday and Thursday evening.

Wednesday – 19.00: Salsa starters
Wednesday – 20.00: Salsa improvers
Wednesday – 21.00: Salsa intermediates

Which level should I follow?

Dansles Salsa


If you have none or only a few Salsa lessons of experience, you should join the Salsa starters. After all, in this series of lessons we will teach you the complete basis of Salsa. We start from scratch.


Heb je daarentegen al minstens 10 lessen (bij ons of elders) Salsa gevolgd, dan is Salsa improvers een logische volgende stap. In this series of lessons we continue with the basics and we further expand your ‘Salsa arsenal’. It’s the ideal link between starters and intermediates.

Dansles Kizomba

Intermediates & advanced

Finally, if you have already taken at least 40 classes (with us or elsewhere) of Salsa, then you are probably ready for Salsa intermediates. In these series of classes we will continue to combine all our techniques and building blocks into more complex figures.

Do I need a dance partner?

With us you can just come and dance without a partner. We always have both single men and single women, so we are sure to find a suitable dance partner for you.

Further more, we change partners in our dance classes, so you end up dancing with everyone. However, changing partners is not mandatory.

How much do Salsa lessons cost?


If you pay per lesson


For 1 series of lessons
(10 lessons)

= €10 per lesson


For 2 series of lessons

= €9 per lesson


For 3 series of lessons

= €8,33 per lesson

If you move to the next level (e.g. from starters to improvers), you can follow the previous level again @-50%!!!

What do our members say?

Peggy & Steven

Peggy & Steven

Bailando Latino is a dance school where you feel at home in a casual atmosphere. Here we have discovered again the passion of dancing and we are glad that we had the opportunity to get to know this great dance group. Highly recommended for those who love dancing.

Elke & Lieven

Elke & Lieven

Bailando Latino is for us, sharing relaxed dance moments in a casual atmosphere. Feeling the dance passion of your teachers and getting sucked into it. Growing at your own rhythm.

Miriam & Kenny

Miriam & Kenny

At Bailando Latino we were given the much needed basics followed by some more challenge. Playing with those movement-building blocks with much needed guidance for the follower too! Glad to be a part of this dance family!


Dancing at Bailando Latino is simply fun. Here it really feels like dancing among friends. Awesome!


At Bailando Latino I rediscovered the joy of dancing. Pieter, Dorian and Sylvie, passionate dance teachers with the occasional humor and craziness!

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