Dance lessons Bachata

Bachata is originally a romantic Dominican partner dance, which has grown over the years in different variants (Bachata Dominicana, Antillean style, Bachata Moderna, Bachata Sensual, …).

We give dance lessons in ‘Bachata fusion’. We use Bachata Moderna as the basis, but also various elements of Bachata Dominicana and Bachata Sensual are incorporated in our figures. We will mainly look at what is beautiful and above all danceable (for everyone), without having to be an ‘acrobat’ to be able to perform it.

Because we attach great importance to learning the right techniques that you must use as a man to properly lead the ‘figures’ and that you must be able to master as a lady to become a good follower, our lessons are built in modules. This means that each lesson consists of digestible, bite-sized ‘building blocks’ that we will teach you step by step. We therefore always encourage you to get creative with those building blocks yourself, instead of just learning figures by heart.

In short, with us you learn what it’s like to really dance.

Where and when do the Bachata classes take place?

The Bachata classes take place in Salle d’Eau (Grote Markt 28, 2500 Lier) and this always on Tuesday evening.

Tuesday – 19.00: Bachata starters
Tuesday – 20.00: Bachata improvers
Tuesday – 21.00: Bachata intermediates

What level of Bachata should I take?

Dansles Salsa


If you have not yet completed any or only a few Bachata lessons, it is best to join the ‘Bachata starters’. In this series of lessons we will teach you the complete basics of Bachata. We start from scratch.


On the other hand, did you already follow at least 1 starter course (with us or elsewhere) of Bachata, then you can safely join ‘Bachata improvers’. In this series of lessons we continue with the basics and we further develop your ‘Bachata skills’. It is the ideal link between ‘starters’ and ‘intermediates’.

Dansles Kizomba


Ultimately, if you have already taken at least 30 Bachata lessons, then you are probably ready for our Bachata intermediates. In this series of lessons we will further combine all Bachata techniques in more complex figures.

Do I need a dance partner for my Bachata dance lessons?

It is not mandatory to register with a regular dance partner, so don’t let that stop you if you don’t have one (yet). We will then try to find a partner for you.

By the way, we recommend that you regularly switch partners during our classes (although it is not mandatory). In this way you learn much better and faster how to lead and how to follow.

How much do the Bachata lessons cost?


Per single lesson


For 1 series of lessons
(10 lessons)

= €10 per lesson


For 2 series of lessons

= €9 per lesson


For 3 series of lessons

= €8,33 per lesson

If you move to the next level (e.g. from starters to improvers), you can follow the previous level again @-50%!!!

What do our members say?


Dancing at Bailando Latino is simply fun. Here it really feels like dancing among friends. Awesome!

Betty & Xavier

We have been taking lessons at Bailando Latino from day one. The lessons are fun and pleasant to follow and individual adjustments are made where necessary. Here you really learn how to dance!


Bailando Latino teaches with heart and soul. Technique and fun combined. Highly recommended!


At Bailando Latino I rediscovered the joy of dancing. Pieter, Dorian and Sylvie, passionate dance teachers with the occasional humor and craziness!

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